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Cathe Friedrich's Pure Strength (3 workouts on 1 DVD)
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Cathe Friedrich's Pure Strength (3 workouts on 1 DVD)

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Strong Legs & Abs is a thorough leg & ab workout that leaves no lower body muscle untouched. The workout begins with a warm-up and follows with a tough standing leg workout. It then continues with classic floor work that is enhanced through the use of resistance. The workout concludes with a challenging abdominal routine and stretch Some of the new and featured moves are: alternating Plie squats, sit and stand squats, step ups and creative calf and hamstring exercises. Chest/Shoulders & Triceps begins with a brief warm-up followed by unique & classic chest, shoulder and triceps exercises. The chest routine focuses on inclines, declines and negatives to to enhance and recruit new muscle fibers. The shoulder routine puts a twist on some classic moves (ie; Arnold Press instead of standard overhead presses.) and also incorporates some compound exercises ( seated clean & press) to enhance special shaping techniques. The triceps routine brings back some favorites (dips with barbell) plus introduces some new exercises (cross body kickback) to activate all three heads of the triceps muscle. Backs, Biceps & Abs begins with a warm-up followed by a thorough back, biceps and abdominal routine and ends with a relaxing stretch. The emphasis of this video series is on strength and is similar in style to Maximum Intensity Strength. The back routine consists of exercises including: T-Bar Row, Bent Over Row, One Arm Row, and shrugs. These exercises target all areas of the back and assist in the development and maintenance of good posture. The bicep routine includes the following exercises: Barbell Curls, Seated Dumbbell curls, negative curls and concentration curls. Various hand grips will not only target the biceps but also the forearm muscles as well. The abdominal and spinal erector workout will provide a strong support system for your everyday functions. This will not only enhance your posture but will help prevent unnecessary back pain.


THREE complete workouts on one DVD, all designed and led by Cathe Friedrich

Advanced-level weight training workouts that specifically target each muscle group

This DVD contains three muscle conditioning workouts, Pure Strength Strong Legs & Abs, Pure Strength Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and Pure Strength Back Biceps & Abs

As with all of Cathe's DVDs, you can easily program your DVD player to choose only the sections of each workout that you want to do. You can even mix one section from one workout with another.

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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 6 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

13 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5An oldie but a goodie....May 28, 2007
By Teedums
This is Cathe Friedrich's Pure Strength workout series from 1999, it is split up into 3 separate workouts. Legs & Abs, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, and Back, Biceps & Abs. The leg workout is around an hour, where the upper body workouts are under an hour. This is a great strength series, some might think it's a little dated but I like it quite well, plus it will work you hard. You will need dumbells (a barbell and bodybar are used but dumbells can be substituted), and a stool or high step.

The first workout is mainly legs, though there is a short ab segment at the end. You will start with standing leg work, here you will see a mixture of strength and endurance exercises to fully fatigue the legs. You will start a light set of front and back lunges, then moving into a little heavier set before doing static lunges with a heavier barbell. Next you will do a light set of side to side plie squats with a body bar, then a heavier set of stationary plie squats with a heavy barbell. In preparation for the next exercise squats, you will do a set of step ups which are the same as leg presses often seen in The Firm videos. Following this are a set of squats with a barbell and a very tough set of sit and stand squats (similar to The Firm's hover squats). After all that you will do quarter deadlifts which are pretty hard to do with good form, I often modify these with normal deadlifts. To finish out the standing segment, you will do a few sets of calf raises. There is a shorter floorwork section following the standing work, it mainly consists of inner/outer thigh raises and hamstring work, some of which is done with a body bar. I personally either use a light dumbell or ankle weights for this segment or sometimes no additional weight at all. A short abs routine and stretch concludes the workout.

Chest, Shoulders and Triceps is the next installment in the series. After a short warmup, you will do chest work. Here you will see pushups, bench presses (light & heavy set), incline bench press (using a barbell & dumbells), incline chest flies and a combination incline chest fly and bench press exercise. For shoulders, you will do an Arnold press (an overhead press with a twist at the top), seated clean & press, side lateral raises, seated rear deltoid raises, and seated side lateral raises. Finally for triceps, you will see a close grip dumbell press, lying tricep extensions, cross body kickbacks and tricep dips. I particularly liked the selection of the tricep exercises, I don't typically care for tricep kickbacks so it was nice to see other exercises used here.

Back, biceps and abs are the final installment in the series. You will start with back work, included here are T-bar rows, bent over rows, one arm rows and shrugs. The bicep work consists of barbell curls, seated dumbell curls (hammer and traditional with rotation), barbell negative curls and seated concentration curls. The concentration curls are done in single time, I would have preferred a slower count myself but that's just a minor quibble I have. To finish out this set you will do some abs and lower back work before stretching out.

Overall, this is a fine strength training DVD. Lots of variety in all the exercises so all the muscle groups are worked thoroughly. Many seasoned Cathe fans may find this DVD easier than her more current workouts, but I find that I get an excellent workout with this without those dread low end exercises that are often found in her more current offerings. Cathe's instruction is first rate here, she is pleasant, encouraging and has excellent form pointers and tips in general. Again some might feel this is a bit dated, but I enjoy it nonetheless. 5 stars for this one.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5My favorite!Mar 08, 2013
By Kelly "KC-Iowa"
I have to keep re-ordering this DVD, because I keep giving them away! These are very thorough weight training routines, without being so intense I feel like I will pass out.I get real results from these workouts, and I always look forward to doing them.Ok- maybe not the leg workout, that one is pretty tough.Cathe is the best for advanced workouts.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Cathe Friedrich Pure StrengthSep 09, 2009
By Leah Ann Schuischelis "workout junkie"
This video is broken down into 3 parts Strong Legs, & Abs 2) Chest, shoulders & Triceps 3) Back Biceps & Abs.You can do the whole video at one time or do rhe video one section a day.Cathe is a great instructor and this is a great video It has an gym style feel and she will work you. It does use a barbell and a step bench. I do this video at least once a week. along with my FIRM videos. This is a great strength workout It's not for wimps be prepared to WORK IT!!!!!!

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Just as Good or Better than Today's StuffDec 08, 2010
By Amazon Customer
For some reason I can't get into Cathe's Gym Style series at all. I find it very boring and almost too much per muscle group. You would think this is like that, but it's somehow not boring at all with a good pace and an upbeat atmosphere. It might appear a bit dated but I love it. It has 2 to 3 sets per exercise, some of them drop sets. You can also easily pyramid up or down with your weight. It is really very effective, cued well and easy to add onto another workout because it's chaptered and gets right to the menu. Like the other reveiwers said it's a split workout designed to work different muscle groups on different days.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Classic Weight WorkoutNov 09, 2013
By Pjgatlin
I am a huge Cathe fan and own many of her DVDs, including Pyramid Upper/Lower Body, Slow & Heavy, and the Gym Style series. I just ordered Pure Strength to have a little variety. This is my favorite of them all! In this workout, Cathe does classic weight lifting exercises with relatively low reps and heavy weight. (She actually uses much lighter weight than in her current workouts; I can keep up with her here. Although, I can see the weight plates she is using and I have wondered if she is including the weight of the bar when she says how much she is using).

Because of the low reps, she moves quickly from one exercise to the next which makes the time fly by. There are not a lot of weight changes on the bar bell like in many of her workouts. As another reviewer mentioned, the upper body sections can be done in one day if you skip the warm up on one of them; combined they are just over an hour.

I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but this workout left me sore for a few days. This workout is a great starting place if you are new to weight lifting or new to Cathe. I think it's great for even an advanced exerciser as long as appropriate weight is used. The hair and clothing are a little dated, but that certainly doesn't take away from the quality of this workout.

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